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  • How can Captain's Choice salmon use Atlantic salmon if it's caught in the Pacific?
    Atlantic salmon is the predominant species farmed in the Northwest. Atlantics were chosen for farming for several reasons: They have a better growth and survival rate than Pacific They are a more docile stock than Pacific salmon They create more meat and have less waste per fish
  • Does Captain's Choice ever offer wild Pacific Salmon?
    The Captain and his first mate occasionally go on fishing trips to Alaska, and bring back wild Coho and Chinook salmon for sale. As these fish are not always in season, they can't be relied upon to be the main source of salmon for our Honey Brine Smoked Salmon.
  • Is Captain's Choice Honey Brine Smoked Salmon GLUTEN FREE?
    No. Allergens: Soy, Wheat.
  • Is Captain's Choice Honey Brine Smoke Salmon vegan?
    You're kidding, right?
  • What about offering Honey Brine Smoked (fill in the blank)?
    At this time, we're concentrating on fish, although we're willing to listen to any of your ideas, crazy or not. Note: Smoked Ice Cream is not going to be offered. So don't even ask.
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