Frequently asked questions - Your Order

How do you ship?

We ship via express courier. Our salmon is packaged with gel ice in special Styrofoam containers to ensure freshness.

Can you ship to Canada or Mexico?

Because the salmon is perishable, we have been unable to deliver to Canadian or Mexican addresses within the necessary time. The fish don't like the border and customs delays, either.

Can you ship to (insert name of obscure country here)?

See last question.

Can you deliver it in person?

After the incident involving jumping out of a cake wearing a fish costume, The Captain would just rather leave the delivery to the couriers.

Is shipping included with the purchase?

Because of the large cooled packaging necessary to ensure freshness of the fish, we cannot include shipping in the price of the purchase. We will contact you with the shipping cost with your order.

Can you ship to Hawaii or Alaska?

Yes, but due to the packaging and necessary rush nature of the transport, the shipping cost will often exceed the value of the purchase. Contact us if you need delivery to Alaska,Hawaii or US territories.